Dear customers,

I have been reevaluating my business and have decided that it's more economically efficient moving forward to only take phone orders at (916) 956-2669 and internet orders via our website at All orders will be mailed by UPS. Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.

Bobbi Little

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Bobbi's House of Balance, Inc. & Products is dedicated to assisting clients to achieve balance in their lives.  We are the exclusive source for Roberta's biologically formulated skin care products and the home of Bobbi's House of Balance, a  private personal training, post-rehab, workout and wellness facility.

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There will be no further Ovarian Cancer Charity bike rides for The Good, The Bad, The Balanced, as the Roberta J. Schneider Trust For Women's Health has been closed.
We want to thank everyone for their three years of support!